1000 True Fans Theory

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash
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I remember first hearing about the 1000 true fans theory and to me, it made sense. Perfect sense. I've always been captivated by looking at the numbers and trying to understand how many people it would take to live full time off of my passion.


It's a fiery word and makes most people think about famous celebrities walking down the red carpet. For other people, it ignites a shoved to the side hobby that some could only dream of as having as a full time job. It's a word that some people use to describe their mid morning escape, imagining what it would be like to live off what they love. This is where the 1000 true fans theory comes into effect and it's simple maths.

1000 of them

A True Fan; Someone that is a fan of your work and will keep up to date with everything you create. Most likely to follow and support you on your social media pages and will be interested in paying for your finished works. Basically, someone who admires what you do and resonates with your message within your work.

The old model that is still thriving today is that you need millions of fans that would buy into your work. Meaning that most people would know of you and you would be pretty mainstream. Think Adele, Lady Gaga, etc.  The 1000 true fans model puts out the suggestion that you would need around 1000 fans to allow you to survive as a self-employed artist.

It's a numbers game

If you're creating art or writing with a message of good intention then it all comes down to simple maths. Say you write a book and sell it for £12.95 directly to your fans. You make just under £13k. For most people it's not going to allow them to quit their job but it's a comfortable start. How would you feel if you had an extra £13,000 per year doing what you love? 

You could then grow your work to find more fans or you could stick with the ones you have. Comfortably living as an artist who is fulfilled but can also pay the bills at the same time.

Final Note

What's your thoughts on the 1000 fans theory? Simple maths or more to it? If you're scared to take the first step then you probably want to read "Why you can do anything you want and how to do it." Start living your life under your rules instead of someone else. Get out there and dare to take on the world.