Why are you not paying your bills automatically?


You've cut down your spending, slashed your credit card rates. Let's make life easier by using the tools that your bank has given you. This system will make your life 100 times easier allowing you to keep track of your money.

  • Make sure your bills come out on the same day every month.

Phone your providers and get them to set a date where your bill comes out on one day every month. Try and make all of your bills come out on that same day just after you have been paid. Make sure you set up a direct debit and it will come out of your account easily and automatically. This will let you glance at your account and know exactly how much you have left.

  •  Have an account for your bills and an account for your spending.

Your bills have came out and your bill account is sitting at a lovely round £0. You know that there is nothing else to come out. No worrying or fretting or transferring money. Everything is great. You now have money in your spending account and you know exactly how much is in it.

  • Set up a savings account with ANOTHER bank.

You've cut your credit card rates and cut down on your spending. Take what you have saved and set up a standing order to transfer that money into your emergency fund account. Make sure the standing order comes out on the same day your bills have been paid. You will soon forget that this money is being saved and you will be thankful that you have it there for when there is an emergency.

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