Overcome Your Fear of Failure and Start Living Now.


Photo by Tim Bogdanov on Unsplash

Failure is an inevitable part of life.

At some point in your life, you have or are about to fail at something. It's not going to feel good and it never does but you should never let your fear of failure hold you back in life. Some of us are hard wired to think that the worst is going to happen when we try new things, especially if it's something we're not comfortable with but it doesn't mean that is going to happen. Let me give you an example.

Ask yourself.

Picture this. You're going for an interview. Not just any interview as this is the interview of all interviews. The make or break of your career. You've just put down the phone to the recruiter and about a million thoughts hit you at once. You start imagining the worst. You tell yourself they're not going to like you or that you will say the wrong thing. You're doubting your ability.

This has been a situation we have all been in where we're out of our comfort zone and we're under pressure to perform well. Some people start thinking the worst is going to happen which if carried out properly is a fantastic technique to overcome your fear of failure.

Think about the worst thing that could happen.

What is the worst thing that could happen in this situation? You could be extremely embarrassed or disappointed that you have failed but it's highly unlikely that it's going to kill you. You can knit-pick almost every detail but don't focus on the negative points. What will you gain from this experience? You can re-assure yourself that no matter the outcome it's not going to be as bad as you think it will and it will more than likely go in your favour.

Risk It

You have much more to gain than you have to lose when venturing into new opportunities. Overcoming your fear of failure and actually doing what you set out to do will be more rewarding that not doing it in the first place. Most people's fear is not knowing the outcome of a certain situation or not knowing how to get started in a certain activity. Again, let me remind you that you have access to the worlds largest library of information (the internet!) so you have no excuse not to do your research.

Final Note

Don't let your irrational fears hold you back from achieving what you set out to do. If you fail then it means you have tried and learned which is invaluable experience. Get back up and do it again.


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