Slash your credit card rates and start saving money now.


You could save £1000’s of pounds in less than 30 minutes with a few calls.

It is that simple.

If you have credit outstanding on several cards you will want to check if you are paying any interest on the balance. You can do this by calling your credit card provider and ask what rate you are on currently and if there are any rate changes due.

The first option to check would be to see if you can get a 0% balance transfer to another provider.

This will let you move a balance from one provider to another and cut the interest rate to 0% for a certain period of time. Some providers may charge a balance transfer fee. This fee is normally a percentage of the balance. An example would be a 3.5% balance transfer fee. Eg, The amount of  £70 would be added on as a fee to the £2000 that you moved from one card to another.

Now if you can’t move to another provider then you should phone your current card provider and ask them to lower your rate. This will take maximum 30 minutes and could potentially save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds worth of interest charges. Pick up that phone and get calling. Be persistent and ask the customer adviser if they can help by cutting interest rates. If they still say no, ask what they can do to help. Also you could ask if there are any 0% balance transfer’s available on your current card. This may allow you to shuffle balances around whilst cutting interest rates.

Your to-do list.

  1. Can you get a 0% balance transfer?
  2. If not, phone your providers and get them to lower your rates.
  3. Can you refinance any loans?
  4. Is there anything that your provider can do for you? (Always ask how they can help)


Leave a comment if you have done this and tell us how much you have saved.

Once you know how much you have saved we can start saving this so you can pay off your debt quicker!


Note : If you find that you are struggling with your debt and you’re finding it hard to meet minimum payments then you should seek free money advice.